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Though I wasn’t born in Maine, I have had the opportunity to live here for most of my life. The beauty of the rugged Maine ocean and beaches, forest, mountains, rivers, and lakes has become part of who I am. I have always collected bits of sea glass, rocks, driftwood, all gifts of nature. My husband and I have been avid sea glass collectors for the past 10 years. Combing the beaches for mermaid tears (sea glass) has become a passion.

I have been making jewelry for family members and friends for years. But, in 2012 I started making and selling sea glass jewelry and crafts as a business. The sea glass that I use has been found along the beautiful coast of Maine, tumbled only in the ocean and frosted by the water, sand, and rocks along the shore. I find sea glass so beautiful because something that humans have thrown away as trash has become something beautiful because of nature.

The material that I use with the sea glass are primarily sterling silver. The procedure that I use in my jewelry making is hammered, drilling and wire wrapping. Please enjoy a bit of Maine in each piece of jewelry or craft.

My journey into photography became a necessity with a blended family of nine children. I now cover school sports, senior photos, and the beauty of Acadia and Downeast Maine. After retiring as a science teacher and coach (wrestling),  I needed additional activities to keep me busy. My beautiful wife Suzy has always collected sea glass and now turns it into exquisite jewelry.


With extra sea glass around, the question became what to do with it. This generated the idea of the sea glass windows, Christmas balls, and various decorative containers.  My first window was a “Love” window for Sue on Valentine’s Day. Then other products followed as I took advantage of the “woods” of Maine.


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There are so many places to explore!

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